Nursery Admissions

Admissions to the two Nursery classes are dealt with by the school. Forms can be obtained from and need to be returned to the school reception desk. Enquiries regarding Nursery places should be made to Kingston Park Primary School on 0191 2140363. Closing date for Nursery applications is midday on Monday 15th January 2018.


Places will be allocated on Monday 5th March 2018. You will be informed by letter whether or not your application has been successful.


** Prospective Parent Tours **
We are offering tours of the school for prospective parents of Nursery and Reception children. They will be held on:


Tuesday 7th November at 10.00am

Wednesday 8th November at 2.00pm 


Please contact the school office to book your place on one of the tours.


Reception Admissions

Applying for a school place in a reception class for the academic year starting in September 2018.


The application process for a school place in a Reception class for the school year starting in September 2017 will close midday on Monday 15th January 2018.


You should apply for a place through the School Admissions Team at Newcastle Civic Centre. Should you have any enquiries regarding Reception places please contact the Civic Centre School Admissions Team on 0191 2328520.


Online Applications ~ If you apply online, you can log into your application on offer day, 16th April 2018, to find out if you have a place. You must accept or decline the school place online by following the instructions. Do not phone the school as offer information will not be given out by phone.


Paper Applications ~ If you applied on paper you will be sent a letter telling you the name of the school you have been allocated by second class post on 16th April 2017. It will include a response form that you must return to accept or decline the school place. Letters will be sent to the address on your original application. You should reply by 30th April 2018 to accept or decline the place offered. If you do not respond or if the place is not required it will be reallocated to another child.


Waiting Lists

Children who are refused a place will be kept on a waiting list for that school for a maximum of one school term. Waiting lists are cleared termly and parents will need to re-apply if they still want to be considered for a place at that school. For applications for Reception places, waiting lists are kept until the end of December in the year of admission and will then be cleared.


Waiting lists will be ranked in order of priority using the oversubscription criteria regardless of the date the application was received.


Right of Appeal

Parents/Carers who are refused a place for their child at the school have a statutory right of appeal to an independent appeals panel. Please contact the Schools Appeals Team for information (phone 0191 277 7427 or e-mail Information is also available at


Appeals forms should be returned by 21st May 2018 to enable these to be heard before the panel. An appeal panel has very limited grounds to allow an appeal for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 as there is a limit of 30 children per class.


Year 6 transferring to Secondary School

Applying for a place to transfer to a Middle, Secondary, Trust School or Academy in September 2018.


The application process for a school place in a Middle, Secondary, Trust School or Academy for the school year starting in September 2017 will close on 31st October 2017.


If you missed the closing date and your child is due to transfer school in the school year starting in September 2018 you still need to apply for a school place. Your application will be treated as late and will be processed after those that are received on time. If there are exceptional circumstances why your application is late, you should enclose this information with your application and where appropriate provide supporting evidence (for example proof of a house move if you have moved into Newcastle after the closing date). Exceptional circumstances will be considered on an individual basis and may be processed as though the application had been received on time. Please note that 'exceptions' will not be possible after 1 January 2018 as the allocations process will have begun.

Contact the Family Information Service, phone: 0191 277 4133 or email: for an application form.