Anti Bullying Week

13th November 2017

It was Anti Bullying week from Monday 13th until Friday 17th November and all of the pupils at Kingston Park took part in an Anti Bullying related activity or circle time discussion.
Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 read stories to the children with a theme of ‘being different’. Some of these included Elmer by David McKee, Willy and Hugh by Anthony Browne and Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreas. The children then took part in discussion about the stories and how the characters felt in different situations. 

In Key Stage 2 the focus was on the effect of bullying on others. Years 3 and 4 took part in activities to show how words and actions can’t be taken back once they have been said. For example, Year 3 showed this by crumpling a piece of paper to show how the damage can’t be undone. Years 5 and 6 discussed various scenarios and thought about what they would do in different situations.

The whole school came together for an Anti Bullying assembly on Wednesday to think about the different forms of bullying and to inform the children of what to do if they ever experience or witness any form of bullying themselves.