Composers' Assembly

25th April 2018

What an inspirational Composers' Assembly showcasing all of the talented musicians at Kingston Park. The children wrote and performed their own work. Thanks to our special visitors Susi Owens Melling and her pupils Megan and Daniel who also performed Susi's brand new work. Also to Mr Brown and Mrs Mowat for organising the whole event. 
The Composers' Showcase 
Year 5 Spaceband
Daniel Adepoju - Basketball Bounce on Piano
Daphne Diaz - Night Falls on Piano
Nicole Cheng - Sakura No Hana on Piano
Edward Cave - Nightmare Hour on Piano
Danielle Takla - Magic in the Air on Piano
Chloe Oluwatula - Chord Crazy on Piano
Isla Hunter-Blair - What is Out There? on Guitar
Ethan Cheung - Pass the Parcel on Piano
Anna Hedley - Winters Morning on Piano
Anna John - Mountain Slopes on Piano
Hayden Bunch - The Echo on Guitar
Thelma Adepoju - Darkness Dawns on Piano
Year 4 Band - The Flaming Chicken Nuggets