At Kingston Park we believe that Computing is a vital tool for everyday life. The importance of Computing is that it prepares pupils to fully participate in a rapidly changing world in which an ever growing amount of activities are dependent upon, and are transformed, by developing technology. We believe that increasing access to, and capability in Computing promotes initiative and independent learning. This in turn allows pupils to consider the implications of Computing, in school, at home and beyond.


Computing has deep links with Mathematics, Science and Design Technology. When appropriate we make cross curricular links between subjects.


At the beginning of every year the children complete a 'Digital e-Safety' topic in which the children are taught how to keep themselves and others safe when using the Internet.


Pupils at Kingston Park will be given the opportunity to:-

  • Find things out and find information.
  • Make things happen by controlling and monitoring events.
  • Try things out by modelling real and imaginary situations.
  • Acquire and refine techniques e.g. saving, copying, checking information and so on.
  • Develop skills of collecting data, analysing, processing information and prediction.
  • To listen to others, listening to ideas and expertise. Co-operating and collaborating with others when using the computers.
  • To explore values and attitudes through Computing.
  • To consider the needs and response of the ‘audience’ for their work.
  • To explore and appreciate the possibilities and limitations of Computing.
  • To decide when the use of Computing is most appropriate, given the audience and purpose of the task they are undertaking.

Computing resources comprise of  hardware, software, the school’s network and the Internet. In terms of hardware a wide range of Computing equipment is available across the school. There are also interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. Children have weekly access to PC’s in the computer suite and iPads in the classroom and outdoors.