Curriculum Experts

At Kingston Park Primary School, we value the individual strengths and talents of our pupils. Our older pupils have been selected to take on the roles of experts in a range of subjects across the curriculum. They support their peers in their learning as and when needed, allowing them to deepen their understanding and share their knowledge with others.
Pupils request the help of a Curriculum Expert and support is organised as appropriate.
Last term, we offered the help of our mathematics, reading and writing experts. Pupils requested help in these subjects and sessions were arranged for them to attend. The maths Curriculum Experts session took place on Tuesday 22nd November. It was a great success with pupils receiving help from their peers in a mathematical area of their choice such as times tables and fractions.
Tuesday 29th November was the literacy Curriculum Expert session where pupils asked for help with reading, spelling, handwriting and writing in different styles. Again, a very popular session.
"I love getting help from other pupils. It is interesting and fun." (RB Year 4 Pupil)
This term we are offering help from Curriculum Experts in science, history and geography.