Elmer Has Arrived at KPPS

16th May 2019

On Tuesday 7th May, we were excited to receive delivery of our Elmer sculpture from St Oswald’s Hospice. We are participating in the Great North Elmer Parade in support of the hospice and will be decorating our Elmer sculpture to go on parade in Tyne and Wear from August to October. Mrs McCluskey has put together a Creative Team which consists of More Able and Talented artists in KS2. These pupils have worked collaboratively to produce a design for decorating Elmer. They have chosen to name him Namaskar which is a Hindu greeting of respect and welcome. They have chosen the school colours, along with symbols of respect and equality, to reflect our school motto “Together We’re Better.” Work on decorating Elmer will begin next half term and talented artists from every class will be invited to help. He will be collected in July for display in August. A co-ordinator from St Oswald’s  Hospice visited school to reveal Elmer to the pupils and talk about the work they do, in assembly on Tuesday 14th May. As part of the fundraising project, each participating school has a target of £400 to raise. We have already sold Flumpets and will be holding an Elmer day on Friday 24th May where pupils are asked to dress in bright colours for a £1 donation. These events will help us easily exceed our target amount. We will also be selling raffle tickets for a St Oswald’s hamper at our summer fayre on Wednesday 3rd July.

Thank you to FKPPS for helping us to fund this project and thank you to our families for your kind donations in support of St Oswald’s.