Health Needs

We understand that some children may need help and support at school to meet their health needs. We recognise that these needs may be long or short term.


Our staff receive annual training from the School Health Nursing Team on common medical conditions in school such as Asthma, Epilepsy and Allergic Reactions (anaphylaxis).   Staff also have experience in supporting children with more complex health needs and meet with relevant medical staff as and when appropriate.


Care Plans

If your child has a medical condition it may be appropriate for school to write a Care Plan detailing specific information about their condition and how best to meet their needs in all aspects of their school day e.g. P.E, Lunchtimes & School Trips. Plans are placed on Class Teacher clipboards and are updated annually in September with parents and health professionals. If your child has a Care Plan and their needs change please inform the school office or Suzanne Cowell (Assistant Head Teacher) as soon as possible.



If your child requires medicine please complete a medication form. Staff can only give medicine if it has a signed pharmacist’s label, with the child’s name and dosage.


For children on continuous medication, a request form for the school to give the medication must be completed at the beginning of each term. All medicines are kept in the medical room.


We would ask that if your child requires medication three times a day that this is given at home, any medication required more than three times a day can be administered at school at the intervals prescribed.



If your child needs to use inhalers during school hours, an Asthma Medication request form must be completed.


  • Blue inhalers may be kept in school. They will be kept in the Inhaler box in the Medical Room.
  • Brown inhalers should not be brought into school.


Head Lice

Please check your child’s hair at least once a week. If your child has head lice, school should be informed. We will send a letter to all pupils in that class advising of treatment.