Maths Through History Week

14th November 2016

Maths Through History Academy Trust Project……..


Focus: Why do we need maths? Where did it come from? How maths has been crucial throughout history, throughout the world, and how it has influenced some of the most important events in history?


Purpose: To raise progress and attainment in maths and enjoyment of the subject. To raise aspirations about possible careers needing/using maths.


Organisation: Each year group across the school takes on one period of history (eg. Aztecs, Egyptians) and learns all about maths and the influence of maths during this time.


Outcomes: Maths trail around Newcastle has been completed by 6 MAT children (2 each from Yrs 4-6) together with other Trust schools. Each year group has completed work over the week linked to a period of history:


* Nur/Rec – past and present maths games

* Yr1 – capacity & The Great Fire of London

* Yr2 – Edwardian tessellation

* Yr3 – Roman numerals

* Yr4 – the Egyptian number system

* Yr5 – the Mayan number system

* Yr6 – Famous Greek mathematicians

* MAT – prehistoric maths


A selection of work from each year group has been put on display in the central corridor. Additionally, a selection of our work has been used towards a Trust display currently on show at Gosforth Library. Finally, the school newspaper team are at this moment busy preparing a report on the whole event!