Maths Workshop - Red classes

26th February 2018

There was a great turn out from parents for the Red classes Maths workshop! We have also received some lovely feedback from Years 1 to 6 about how each year group enjoyed the activities in the classroom.The workshop provided parents with the opportunity to observe how their child learns Maths in a classroom setting. Parents were also able to watch a short DVD about Cyber-bullying before the presentation, which parents found very insightful and informative.
Just look at the wonderful feedback below from workshop:
"The explanation prior to going into the classroom was useful. The workshops are very good at giving an insight into the children’s learning progress. The DVD prior to the workshop was appropriate for context and length".
"The cyber bullying DVD was very helpful as was the teacher’s exploration of learning techniques".
"Seeing how the classes are conducted and how passionately and patiently this workshop was taught was lovely. The cyberbullying information was very useful, I regularly attend workshops and I am always happy to watch them every time".
"Seeing how the children are taught and how well the children interact by using their whiteboards was lovely".
"I enjoyed and valued the experience to understand how my child was learning so I can support him".