At Kingston Park we believe music is a universal language which encourages creativity. We believe all children should develop a love of music and furthermore this love of music will encourage self-confidence. All children at Kingston Park Primary School have access to musical instruments and singing is an integral part of our school life.


At Kingston Park we aim to deliver a Music Curriculum which provides opportunities to:

- Perform (singing, playing instruments and dance)
- Compose
- Listen to, review and evaluate music.
- Experience different genres of music.
- Develop a passion for music
- Explore music technology


At Kingston Park we ensure children have access to a wide range of musical instruments and music technology. The school choir perform regularly both in and out of school. We have an annual composer’s showcase in which children across all year groups perform their own compositions. We also have an annual musician’s concert so the children can showcase their talents with music. This can be singing or playing an instrument. All children in KS2 have the chance to learn to play the ukulele. We have recorder club, percussion club and the children have access to piano tuition.


The National Curriculum for Music is followed within Kingston Park Primary School. For information about the Music curriculum please speak to Anthony Kelly.
For please click the following link for information on the Music National Curriculum: 
Music Scheme of Work 
Autumn Term 
Music Mark