PIE challenge interviews

23rd May 2017

Let the PIE Challenge interviews commence!

On Tuesday 23rd May, nine pupils from year 5 Red class were selected to interview for the role of either finance manager, marketing manager or sales manager, following a rigorous application process.

Ali Raza, a member of the Primary Inspiration through Enterprise (PIE) team, interviewed each of the candidates mimicking the real-life interview process. Each candidate was asked the same questions relating to their chosen position:

  1.       Why do you think you are best for this role?
  2.       What does a finance/sales/marketing manager do?
  3.       What is your strength?
  4.       Tell me about something you are trying to improve.
  5.       Can you tell me about a time when you have worked in a team?
  6.       Can you tell me about something new that you are learning?
  7.       What do you think makes a good leader?

Rachel, Faye, Freya, Evan, Owen, Matty, Elaf, Abbie and Jake answered each of these tough questions confidently, articulately and thoughtfully. In the end, Ali chose Matty to be our finance manager; Elaf to be our sales manager and Owen to be our marketing manager. Congratulations to all of the children who got through to the interview process and particularly our three successful candidates. Now it’s time for them to manage their teams, set budgets and make/ promote their products.

Watch out for further information about when their products will be on sale!