School Council Charity

1st March 2017

We are delighted to announce that our School Council have selected Children North East as the school charity this year.  
"Imagine never being able to go on a school trip, not having anywhere safe to play, going without meals and warm clothes, feeling embarrassed or scared to bring your friends home, or having to care for parents with mental health or other problems"
The School Council have made the decision that this year, we will be supporting Children North East. Children North East is an established children's charity, who believe it is not fair or right that so many North East children don’t get the same chances and breaks as their peers, and we agree. Our children know they are very lucky to be offered the opportunities they are, to benefit from a supportive environment and because of this, want to support others in our community who may not benefit from the same advantages.
The School Council reached this decision after Carol Taylor, a fundraiser from the charity, came to visit them. She told them the fantastic story about how the charity was started by John Watson, a local philanthropist and John Lunn, a local shipping merchant. Lunn approached Watson, offering to take some of the underprivileged children he supported on a days holiday to Monkseaton. On 11th July 1891, hundreds of children sailed down the River Tyne on the way to their first 'holiday'. Carol told us about diary entries and accounts by the children talking about how it was the first time they had experienced fresh air and how they hid their lunches from the trip in their pockets to share with their families when they got home. What was supposed to be a days holiday grew in to something much bigger.