School Council presenting to Governors

22nd March 2018

A small group of our School-Eco Councillors were invited along to a Governor meeting to talk about the Green Flag Eco School award. This is an award the School-Eco council member have decided to try and achieve the Bronze award. They shared the 3 steps they have undertaken so far within school to make steps towards achieving the award. The first step was to elect a committee, meet every 1-2 weeks, share responsibilities throughout the members and have good communication throughout the whole school. The second step was to carry out an environmental review, which they did with Mark the Caretaker. They asked him lots of questions about the school and he showed them, where possible, parts of the school that we currently use to save energy such as our solar panel board. Our final step was to create an action plan of everything we need to do in order to achieve the Green Flag Eco School award. 
The children were so confident in their presenting skills they all received a Star of the Week badge from Mrs Evans.