School Council Traffic Survey Feedback

5th April 2017

The School Council have had an extremely busy half term and have started a few big projects.

It has recently come to our attention that Newcastle City Council will be cutting the funding for lollypop men and women across the city and that as a result, we will no longer have Michelle as of September. We decided to look in to how important Michelle is and spent 3 Wednesday morning’s conducting traffic surveys and questionnaires around the local area (thank you very much if you were one of the lovely people who stopped to speak to us)!

We were alarmed at the dangers on the roads around our school and don’t believe all drivers are being careful – we think the area could be safer for the children of Kingston Park. Next half term, we will be speaking to the council about the results of our surveys and questionnaires, as well as what we can do to help make our surrounding roads safer.