School Meals and Menus

School meals are served in the School Hall, and are cooked on site. Menus follow a three week cycle and are carefully designed to provide a balanced and healthy diet. Children are served with vegetables as part of their meal each day, and there is always a variety of salad and fresh fruit available.
Cost of School Meals
The current price for school meals is £2.00 per day (Year 3 to Year 6)
The current price for school meals is £1.90 per day (Nursery)

All dinner money must be paid in advance for the week and must be sent into school on a Monday morning in a named, sealed envelope and given to your child’s class teacher.  If your child is absent from school at the beginning of the week money must be handed in on the first day they return to school.  If payment is not received we will contact you and ask you to bring a packed lunch into school for your child. 

Children who attend our Nursery must stay for school lunch on the two full days they attend Nursery.


Dinner money is £10.00 per week (£2.00 per day) and can be paid weekly or as far in advance as you would like to pay.  If your child is absent from school or goes on a school trip and you have paid in advance this money would be refunded at the end of the term.


Packed Lunch

If your child brings packed lunch, please ensure it is in a clearly marked container. No glass bottles, nuts, fizzy drinks or sweets please!


School Milk

School milk is available free of charge to all pupils up until their 5th birthday.


Water Bottles

It is school policy to encourage pupils to drink plenty of water. The first water bottle is provided free of charge by Friends of Kingston Park Primary School and should be taken home each night to be washed out and refilled. Replacement bottles and tops can be bought from the school office if the originals are lost or damaged. Water bottles (including the top) cost £1 and tops individually are 20p. 


Free School Meals
If you are on income support or receive certain other benefits, your child is entitled to a free school lunch.  It could be worth around £360 a year to you and your child. Please click below to find out more information.
For further information please follow the links below:
Newcastle City Council - Free School Meals
Online Application Form - Free School Meals Application
Universal Free School Meals
In September 2014 the government announced that all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 would be entitled to receive a school meal at no cost to the parent/carer.
Lunch Bands 
From the week beginning Monday 15th January we will be launching lunch bands in school. Children will decide on their meal after the morning register and choose either a red, green or blue meal option. Any children who are in school late will receive a white band which will mean they may not get their first choice. If your child will be late in due to an appointment then your child may choose their meal a day beforehand. Meal choices and allergens are shown below which will allow you to sit with your child and visually see the options they may want to choose each day. 
Please note the menu for Thursday 12th July 2018 will now be:
Jacket potato with cheese/beans
Turkey sandwich