Science Workshop (Red Classes)

4th June 2018

Parents of children in Years 1 to 6 were invited along to a Science Workshop to see what their child has been learning about in Science. The parents had a brief presentation before heading to the classrooms to find out why Science is so important and the different skills that their children will be gaining. The parents then headed to the classroom to observe and participate in different lessons focusing upon:
Year 1 - Circuits
Year 2 - Food chains
Year 3 - Investigating the effects of upthrust 
Year 4 - Seed dispersal investigation
Year 5 - Investigating yeast 
Year 6 - Investigating forces in water 
The children in all the red classes had a great time learning alongside parents, who gave some lovely feedback about their time at the Science workshop.
Watch this space for all the Yellow classes turn in two weeks time on Monday 18th June!