Head Teacher ~ Mrs Jayne Evans

Deputy Head Teacher ~ Mrs Louise Fabian

Assistant Head Teacher ~ Mrs Suzanne Cowell


School Business Manager ~ Mrs Dianne Kelly

Office Staff ~ Mrs Lynne Seccombe, Miss Sarah Kasher and Mrs Kirsty Burn

Caretaker~ Mr Mark Graham


Foundation Stage Phase Leader ~ Mrs Gail Perry (TLR Leadership Team)



Red Class Teacher ~ Mrs Michelle Clarke       

Yellow Class Teacher ~ Mrs Michelle Clarke    

Learning Support Assistant ~ Mrs Anne Thomson and Mrs Debra Purdy



Red Class Teacher ~ Mrs Rachael Batey

Yellow Class Teacher ~ Mrs Gail Perry

Learning Support Assistants ~ Mrs Rachel Daley, Ms Tracey Kasher, Miss Kirsty Seaton and Miss Tegan Smith


Key Stage One Phase Leader ~ Mrs Allison Thomson (TLR Leadership Team)


Year One

Red Class Teacher ~ Mrs Helen Milne and Mrs Sarah Ainsley

Yellow Class Teacher ~ Mr Anthony Kelly

Learning Support Assistants ~ Mrs Debra Conway and Miss Chelsea Mason


Year Two

Red Class Teachers ~ Mrs Darlene Fielding and Mrs Emma Gifford

Yellow Class Teacher ~ Mrs Allison Thomson

Learning Support Assistants ~ Mrs Pam Fatkin, Mrs Nicola Galloway and Mrs Julie Curran

Key Stage Two Phase Leader ~ Mr Jason Alexander (TLR Leadership Team)

Year Three

Red Class Teacher ~ Miss Judith Frame

Yellow Class Teacher ~ Mrs Toni Oselton

Learning Support Assistants ~ Mrs Kathryn Crosby, Mrs Julie Telford and Mrs Helen Willams 


Year Four

Red Class Teacher ~ Miss Samantha Lawson

Yellow Class Teacher ~ Miss Nicola Bayly

Learning Support Assistants ~ Mrs Julia Hunter


Year Five

Red Class Teacher ~ Mr Michael Milligan

Yellow Class Teacher ~ Mrs Zoe Young (TLR Strategy Team)

Learning Support Assistant ~ Mrs Kay Smith and Mrs Yvonne Harrison 


Year Six

Red Class Teacher ~ Mr Jason Alexander 

Yellow Class Teacher ~ Mrs Ashley McCluskey (TLR Strategy Team) and Mrs Evans 

Learning Support Assistants ~ Mrs Jenny Leahy, Mr Scott Jewitt and Mrs Julie Telford, 


Bilingual Assistants ~ Mrs Wedad and Mrs Soadid

Non Class Based Teachers ~ Mrs Alison Bainbridge, Mrs Suzanne Cowell, Mrs Laura Moran

PPA Teachers ~ Mr Ron Brown (Music Specialist) and Mrs Liz Conway (PE Specialist)

Non Class Based Learning Support Assistants ~ Mrs Edna Glenton and Mrs Carol Mason


First Aiders ~ Miss Anna Cockburn, Mrs Debra Conway, Mrs Pam Fatkin, Mrs Nicola Galloway, Mrs Edna Glenton, Mrs Yvonne Harrison, Mrs Julia Hunter, Mrs Debra Purdy, Miss Kirsty Seaton, Mrs Kay Smith, Mrs Anne Thompson, Ms Tracey Kasher, Miss Tegan Smith and Mr Scott Jewitt.