Summer Term Exhibition

At Kingston Park we celebrate the culmination of our pupils’ educational achievements with our unique, annual, Summer Exhibition. Each year, all pupils’ have an opportunity to showcase their creative and artistic talents through a particular topic focus. There are certain things the Summer Exhibition delivers on every single year: a panorama of art in all mediums, a remarkable mixture of literary forms and spectacular scientific investigations.


This year, we celebrated ‘Shakespeare: famous beyond words.’ 2016 marks the 400 year anniversary of the death of one of our most celebrated British playwrights, William Shakespeare.


At Kingston Park, we believe that children of any age can benefit from being exposed to the rich, varied and thought-provoking language of the bard, which invariably teaches important life lessons. We have witnessed all children come alive through performance or discussion of these plays, contemplating and reflecting on the deeper meaning of love, greed, jealously and power, a skill far beyond their years.


Our Shakespeare exhibition resulted in creative, high-quality, captivating pieces that the pupils worked extremely hard to create, showcasing Shakespeare from a different perspective.


Year on year, parents comment on how they were mesmerised, enthralled and delighted by what they saw.