The People's Kitchen Assembly

5th October 2017

On Thursday 5th October, Mary from The People's Kitchen came into school to talk to children about what The People's Kitchen is and how they help people. As a school we a currently collecting donations for The People's Kitchen as part of our Harvest Service. The People's Kitchen serve over 140 hot meals a night to those who are less fortunate than us, that is over 400,00 hot meals a year! They rely on food donations for volunteers to be able cook these meals. Mary was telling the children how over 200 volunteers help The People's Kitchen by cooking meals, providing friendship, handing out blankets and sleeping bags for those living on the streets and helping those less fortunate to have a better looking future.
Our school, along with many other schools in the North-East, help provide support to The People's Kitchen through our Harvest Festival donation. If every child in our school brought just one item of food in, we would be able to donate over 450 items which would be a huge help!
We are still taking Harvest Festival donations until Monday 9th October as Mary's team will be coming to collect the donations the next day.