Whitby Residential

17th May 2017

At 6.30 a.m. on Tuesday 16th May - as the first early morning workers started their shifts and before the Metro trains started running- Year 5 were excitedly gathering in school.

What was the reason for this alarmingly early start? Maybe the local clocks had been hacked by a cyber-attack, or some new scheme for a ‘before breakfast club, club’ had started.

The explanation for the prompt start was even better; it was time for the annual residential trip to Whitby!

BY 7.30, we were on our way south for an action packed first day in York - which involved Trips to Jorvik Viking museum, the ‘Dig’ experience and the world famous York Minster.

The Jorvik museum, recently refurbished after last year’s floods, took us on a journey through an authentic replica of a Viking settlement.

Interestingly, the animated mannequins of Viking people had been reconstructed from real remains, using facial reconstruction techniques normally found on TV shows like CSI. The results were quite spooky!

In contrast, the children found the ‘Dig experience’ very practical in nature as they donned the mantle of the archaeologist and ‘excavated’ artefacts with miniature trowels.

The day was rounded off to an unforgettable, awe-inspiring and historically-rich visit to the magisterial York Minster; a thousand years of history literally beneath our feet.

After a sleepy journey to the youth hostel in Whitby, clothes were unpacked, dinner consumed and diaries updated.

Wednesday found us at the Ryedale Folk Museum – a perennial Kingston Park favourite, where activities ranged from weaving, pottery and a Viking homestead experience. Unfortunately, adverse weather led to the cancellation of the traditional maypole dancing (another Kingston Park tradition).

In the evening, the children rampaged joyfully around the atmospheric ruins of Whitby Abbey, despite the monsoon conditions! They even managed to muster the energy for some fun-packed team games, although by this time the staff were exhausted having worked harder than Donald Trump’s hairspray!

On the final day, the sun finally got his hat on as we tramped merrily over the North Yorks Moors (near Danby). Many skills were learned, including: map reading, geocaching, nature and conservation, as well as how to eat a sandwich without attracting midgies.

By the time we returned back to school, bodies were exhausted, but minds were filled with memories that would last a life-time.