Year 4 Red's Class Assembly

24th March 2017

Year 4 Red have thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Mummies Alive!' topic and had a great time rehearsing and performing their class assembly.

The children were keen to showcase their talents – we had actors, story tellers, creative work from in class and home shown as well as musicians. The assembly told the audience about the pyramids and how long it took to build one (20 years!), re-enacted the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and Louisa, Kiera and William even gave the school a masterclass on how to mummify a body!

The children also shared a story they had been working on in literacy, the myth of Isis and Osiris, using their Talk 4 Writing actions.

The entire class worked extremely hard to ensure this was their best assembly yet and Miss Lawson was incredibly proud of them all. It was great to hear all the fantastic feedback from the other children, parents and teachers – everyone was very impressed!