Year 6 Yellow Class Assembly

3rd February 2017

Momentous Media Moments!

Year 6 yellow’s class assembly was amazing, filled with historic figures up to the present day. However, it wasn’t just an assembly – it was year 6’s last ever class assembly in Kingston Park Primary School!

Sara and Marc introduced the play (also known as Molly Wally Wannabe and Phil Baby-Face Square pants) and they also introduced historical figures along the way. The very first was Samuel Morse who was known for inventing Morse code which was the first device made to communicate with each other.

Our first movie star was Charlie Chaplin. He was known for his hilarious waddle and cute face. Dorothy is a famous character out of the, ‘Wizard of Oz’. The movie is still loved and watched today. Everyone knows Elvis Presley: he was a pop star and loved by all. Bobby Moore was a footballer and he led England to the World Cup, beating Germany in the final, 4-2. And who could forget Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga and……………Honey G?!

The children were amazed with our performance and a lot of them said that it was the best and funniest assembly that they’ve ever seen! I think the parents did too. They answered some questions about the historical figures in our performance; most of them got it correct (but some got it wrong!)

By ER and AD